Clinical Services

Our clinicians are available to all GW students to support academic and social success by working through life stressors and strengthening coping skills.

We do not directly provide psychiatric services.  At time of an initial appointment or during the course of therapy, a student may be referred to either Medical Services staff within the Colonial Health Center or to a private psychiatrist in the community for an evaluation.

Crisis Intervention

If you are concerned about a GW student, please call us at 202-994-5300 to speak to a mental health professional. We are able to speak to fellow GW students, faculty, staff, or family members. Please ask to speak to a counselor if you call during our normal hours of operation. 

You also have the option to contact a local resource or hotline that specializes in your concern.


There are two options available to access our counseling services. We offer:

  • daily walk-in hours from 10 am to 3 pm, no appointment required
  • appointments, which need to be scheduled in advance and require a 20-30 minute initial consultation by phone or in person before the appointment

We offer short term counseling, but if you want or need long term or ongoing treatment you will be referred to providers in the community who have experience working with college students. We can also help you determine whether our brief individual counseling or group counseling will be the most appropriate way to address your concerns.

Assessment & Testing

We have the ability to conduct a limited number of special assessments and post hospitalization re-entry assessments.

Referral Assistance

We provide brief individual services, we also provide referrals to longer-term community services if you are in need of more support.